The physical damage and human casualties resulting from the January 12, 2010 earthquake in Haiti illustrate the devastating impact of natural hazards on communities that are not adequately prepared.  The Caribbean is a region with an unusually high exposure to both earthquakes and hurricanes.  This program will critically examine the hazards facing the region, and transfer integrated knowledge and tools to aid the countries in minimizing the impact of these events as well as promote sustainable development.

The project team will employ a multi-disciplinary approach to risk reduction by (1) studying the hazards in the region, (2) collecting remote sensing data to determine building types, (3) assessing the vulnerability of the built environment and the adequacy of building codes, and (4) studying the level of emergency response and preparedness plans that currently exist within the countries of the Caribbean.

Focus Areas:
Hazard Assessment (Earthquake and Hurricane)
Inventory Assessment
Recycled Aggregate and application of local resources and labor
Emergency preparedness
Debris Management
Code comparisons
Vulnerability Index

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