Vulnerability Index

Faculty Directors: Dr. Julie Swann, Dr. Pinar Keskinocak, Dr. Ozlem Ergun, Dr. Pelin Pekgun

Team Members: Shelly Ballard (MS), Melih Celik (PhD), Colleen Gootee (UG), Ben Johnson (PhD), Alvaro Lorca (PhD), Jennifer Sisson (PhD)

Key Focus Areas: Vulnerability Index

Project Overview: An index will be developed to allow the comparison of hazard vulnerability between the Caribbean countries in the study. Typically, these types of tools base their rankings on historical hazard data. However, they can be enhanced by including other factors that affect vulnerability such as emergency response and preparedness plans, local construction practices, building materials, geographical characteristics, economic status, and others.  Additionally, inputs utilized in an index are often subjectively selected. The selection process may be enhanced by applying forecasting and statistical methods to determine which inputs may have the greatest contribution to vulnerability.  At the highest level, the index will aggregate these multiple data types into a single element to allow comparison between the countries.  The next layer will suggest which inputs have the greatest affect on a country’s susceptibility to disasters.  

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