Sustainable Materials

Faculty Director: Dr. Kimberly Kurtis

Team Members: Mitchell McKay (MS), Kim Nguyen (MS), Daniel Glass (UG)

Key Focus Areas: Cement, Aggregates, and the use of Recycled Concrete as an Aggregate

Project Overview: Feasibility of Production of Construction Materials containing Recycled Debris in the Caribbean. Limited resources in the Caribbean creates an impetus for the exploration of debris reuse in construction after an earthquake in the Caribbean. Two main objectives comprise this research:
(1) Examination of current codes, to determine how recycled content can be used in new construction and

(2) assessment of a range of construction materials containing debris or rubble sourced from a various countries to determine if their quality can meet current regional and US standards for performance. In assessing performance, measures of seismic resistance of materials with recycled content will be compared to similar virgin materials.

Broader Impacts/Goals:
-This will result in a detailed assessment of how recycled debris can be used in rebuilding efforts.
-An improved understanding of the seismic performance of recycled aggregate concrete will be achieved.


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