Code Assessment

Faculty Director: Dr. Reginald DesRoches

Team Members: Laura Redmond, Rebecca Strocker, Kinzie Rieckmann, Jamie Clark

Key Focus Areas: Seismic and Wind Code Evaluation, and Code Compliance

Project Description: To assess the vulnerability of the built infrastructure in the Caribbean to the effects of earthquakes and hurricanes, it is necessary to understand the type and quality of construction, usage of building codes and standards, and the policies in place to enforce existing codes.  This project will survey the building codes that are used in various countries in the Caribbean, and conduct analysis to understand the effect of the code on their building designs.  Field studies will be used to assess the degree of code compliance within each country and determine the range in quality of the various types of construction.

This will be accomplished through the use of surveys and by examining construction practices, buildings, and design drawings, when available. In addition, the team will seek to engage with local materials suppliers to better understand the types and quality of materials available and local practice for their use.  The results of this project will be a better understanding of the common causes of vulnerability in existing buildings in the Caribbean, and provide a framework for possible unification of building codes for wind and earthquakes in the Caribbean region.


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