Debris Management and Recycling

Faculty Directors: Dr. Julie Swann, Dr. Pinar Keskinocak, Dr. Ozlem Ergun, Dr. Pelin Pekgun

Team Members: Melih Celik (PhD) and Alvaro Lorca (PhD)

Key Focus Areas: Debris Clearance, Debris Collection, Disposal/Recycling Tradeoff

Project Overview: Clearance and removal operations after a disaster are usually very costly and take a long time to complete (as was seen in the examples of Hurricane Katrina and the Haitian earthquake). We have already developed tools that identify best strategies for these operations and analyze relevant trade-offs such as cost vs. time to completion vs. equity. The primary goals of this research will be:
(i) survey debris plans in the Caribbean, identify best practices and point to gaps that can be improved;
(ii) evaluate if current debris forecasting models used in the US can also be used in the Caribbean; if not, identify needs for development of such models;
(iii) assess the preparedness of focus countries in terms of debris management using the previously developed debris clearance and collection models under historical and potential disaster scenarios;
(iv) use models developed to evaluate the impact of re-using debris and rubble in reconstruction (in collaboration with the CEE project on Local Building Materials in Caribbean).

Broader Impacts/Goals
· The study will help document the existing debris management practices in the focus countries.
· Potential improvements in debris clearance, collection and disposal/reuse will be proposed.
· The study will develop tools that estimate the amount of debris based on the disaster type, magnitude and location as well as relevant debris management costs and completion time.
· The convenience of re-using debris and rubble in reconstruction will be quantified.


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