Inventory Assessment

Faculty Director: Dr. Steven French

Team Members: Thomas Douthat, J.D. (Ph.D. student), Yi Zhou (MCRP)

Key Focus Areas: The focus of the Inventory Assessment is to determine the amount, type and location of people and property at risk

Project Overview: A key part of any risk assessment is to understand what is at risk to the hazard.  This project will create a detailed inventory of the people and property at risk to earthquakes, hurricanes and other hazards in Caribbean countries. In addition to demographic data that describes the population, the inventory should include a tabulation of the buildings, transportation networks and infrastructure systems and the characteristics that determine their vulnerability to specific hazards.  To develop the inventories we use a combination of aerial photography and GIS databases prepared by planning agencies, public works departments and tax assessors. To support emergency response planning, particular attention should be given to critical facilities including hospitals, police and fire stations and potential shelter facilities.


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